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Goodfinding Workshop with Dr. DeFoore at Yoga Project

Join Dr. DeFoore at the Yoga Project in Denton, Texas for this in person 2 hour live presentation!

Or participate via LiveStream from the comfort of your home or office.

Join Dr. William DeFoore as he invites you to take a deep dive into the amazing realms of your brilliant mind and emotional body. You will discover road maps through the sometimes baffling world of your mental and emotional processes, and how to bring these processes into full alignment with your good heart and bright intentions. This session will also help you to understand and master the relationship between your mind and your body, so that you can stay healthy, vibrant, and strong as you step into your own magnificence in the life that lies ahead for you.
As within, so without…your internal alignment will manifest externally as integrity, love, and deep connection in your relationships. As you explore the inner dimensions of who you are, you will bring your developing awareness and mastery into the outer world, where you will become more intentional and creative in how you connect with others, intimately and from a distance.
This is your invitation to expand within your own unique brilliance, offering more and more of the depth, richness, and color of who you truly are to your world.

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