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Kirkus Reviews:


Goodfinding offers several lifetimes of wisdom on each and every page. There are so many engaging ideas and tools for readers to live their most present life, in mind, body, and spirit. The entire book is a well-informed and life-giving workbook, and a therapy book for a doctorate level course in Awakened Living!

Carolyn Craft, PsyD. Unity Minister, Pastoral Counselor, Coach, and media executive


First the name “Goodfinding” attracted my attention as a clever and warm-hearted summation of William DeFoore’s core philosophy. Then in page after page of life experience, practical wisdom, and useful tools and perspectives, I found my mood brighten along with my faith in humanity. Thank God we have teachers like William to share essential knowledge so critical to humankind in these troubled times.

Bruce Cryer, MA, former CEO, HeartMath, adjunct faculty, Stanford University


Dr. William DeFoore’s book, Goodfinding, is inspirational. It manages to describe important, complex systems in easily understandable terms. The basic principles outlined in Goodfinding are laid out in very practical vignettes that make them immediately accessible to the person ready to put them in practice. Most impressive is Dr. DeFoore’s ability to put into practice, through his easy manner of relating to the reader, the very principles he describes in the text designed to promote self-confidence, self-acceptance, compassion, and optimism.

Larry J. Benoit, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist


In Goodfinding, Dr. William DeFoore has made available to all of us a path, a way of using our mind and heart to make a positive contribution to life, starting with our own. It’s so clear: If we are likely to find what we are looking for, why not look for what is ‘good’? And when we truly appreciate people and things, we live up to the original meaning of that word: we see the positive value and quality of what is there.

Dr. John. J. Scherer, Author, Leadership Development Facilitator


The Goodfinding practice of gratitude, appreciation, and optimism changed my everyday life immediately.  The whole book is a resource of practical self-care I’ll come back to regularly.

As a professional in the financial planning industry, I find that people seem to worry about their money more than they give, invest, or spend it.  Dr. DeFoore’s chapter on finance empowers readers to take control of their financial story and begin to shape their dreams.

Jonathan Newman, Certified Financial Planner, Professional


In this timely and pragmatic book, Goodfinding: A User’s Guide to EQ and Your Brilliant Mind, William DeFoore provides an in-depth, essential and effective roadmap that leads us to discover, appreciate and fully realize our innate magnificence as conscious beings of love. This book excels in its deep wisdom shared in a practical and viable way. An invaluable and inspiring handbook for anyone truly seeking to enjoy their journey in life.

Harold W. Becker, Author and Founder of The Love Foundation, Inc.


William DeFoore’s Goodfinding presents a recipe for discovering joy and happiness in your life. And it does so by inviting the reader to directly participate in highly effective, efficacy-based strategies for positive change, presented in a beautifully flowing, profoundly engaging, grounded but succinct, and to-the-point tour of how to find the good in living. How can anyone join Dr. DeFoore on this virtual romp through the land of positivity, of possibilities, of Goodfinding without becoming overcome with the pure exhilaration of being alive? You will enjoy this ride.

Larry C. Stevens, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological Sciences, Northern Arizona University


As a mother and a Nurse Practitioner, it’s my joy and my job to help develop wellness in those around me. Incorporating the practical wisdom within these pages to find what is good, right and working will help readers develop happy healthy relationships with themselves and the world around them. Dr. DeFoore covers the gambit on how to physically, emotionally, and spiritually tap in to ‘The power of the positive’ fostering emotional maturity, confidence, and physical wellness. As we ask ourselves the introspective questions in these pages, we can avoid or overcome suffering, creating overall wellness and improved resilience for a fulfilling life.

Andrea Newman, APRN, CPNP/ACPNP


Do you have an abiding sense there should be more to your experience of life?  In your ‘heart of hearts’ do you know something is missing?  This book provides numerous tools to help you unleash the life potential you know is possible.  It is the operating manual you should have received long ago.  Thanks to Dr DeFoore, it is in your hands now.

Mark Sanders, D.C.


Goodfinding! What a refreshing idea, especially in the midst of our planet’s turmoil and the constant barrage of negativity coming at us from all sides. Goodfinding invites you to stop creating what you don’t want and choose possibility and positivity instead. Anchored in deep spirituality and practical tactics, Dr. DeFoore offers a clear roadmap to Goodfinding. If you had no other resource to create a vibrant life, this book would be plenty! A work of genius such as this could only come from the kind, generous, and expansive being that is Dr. Bill DeFoore.

Chris Lucerne, Master Coach, San Antonio, TX


For those aspiring to reach their highest and best, to be as awake, aware, and alive as possible, Goodfinding serves as a beacon of guidance and inspiration.

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